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    The motorbike rider had stopped in mid sentence, staring with wide eyes and dropping his jaw at the empty space before him… When I later explained that to her, she calmly remarked, “Oh yes, that sometimes happens when I’m threatened”. Read More...

Weekly Prediction from April 20 to April 26, 2014

The upward evolution that was the trend of last week’s energies, continues during this week. Take time to see your life from a new vantage point and move fluidly and lightly through your interactions. The dawning of a new beginning is at hand.

Almine's weekly prediction is based on the Calendar of Oneness

  • I AM Presence

    The Almine Experience Starts February 2014 iampresence.com

    This month features the concepts of The Art of Happiness as taught by the elves, new poetry of dreaming, new meditations, lecture recordings from the recent Caribbean Cruise, Almine’s first ‘Through the Eyes of the Seer’ videos and video footage from a very recent – and very sobering interview – with Almine.

    In this interview, Almine shares new revelations regarding ‘the human games’ and the gods’ insistence on playing them – to their detriment. A situation which can be further understood in light of the looming realm of the Anai-asai / Aryana (Nazi) artificial intelligence on the disc of life. Almine also touches upon Pope Francis and the threshold of a new era of religious conspiracy. Footage from this interview will be included in February in I AM Presence.

    We will conclude the month with the first ever video of ‘The Sleeping Seer’. In this Almine places herself in a deep trance, while Rogier asks the questions. This month’s theme is the matter of the Original Ones and how The Fall began, but we also touch on Almine’s prophecy of ‘the masks falling off’. On our current trajectory this will happen around the Spring Solstice (March 19) and the preceding weeks in the Calendar of Oneness prepare for this watershed event.

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