Glossary of Terms (GOT)

A Life of No Opposites
A Life of No Opposites is a state of awareness or being that Almine has entered that is beyond the realms of spiritual evolution we have known. In her own words:

Since September of 2011 I have gone into a new place of being. I call it, for lack of better words, a Life of No Opposites. It is beyond anything I have encountered within the Dream of Duality. It is beyond God-consciousness (enlightenment), beyond ascended mastery, and even beyond the stages that lie beyond the realms of ascended mastery. It is in truth, beyond any games or developmental stages of the Dream. A Life of No Opposites is outside of Creation. In the Infinite Ocean that has no shores. That has no games…” ~ Almine

For more, see Down the Rabbit Hole.

The angels are the “capacitors” of God that work with the storage and discharge of light. A capacitor consists of positive, negative, and neutral components. Hence, the angelic realms are divided into a Trinity: angels promoting light, angels repressing light, and angels of neutrality.

The capacitor can be viewed as a jug held under a running tap that is filled and used for watering a potted plant. Its job is to receive, store and redirect where the water needs to go. In the same way, angels receive, store, and redirect light. Archangels have one more task. They step-down the frequency of the light before it is redirected. Even at the lowest levels of the angelic line of evolution—the smallest of devas and elementals (having as their task the forming of a blossom)—the same principle applies. They store light and release the charge so that light can be turned into matter.

From A Life of Miracles.

Ascension is both an internal and an external condition, both intimately linked.

Internally Ascended Mastery is the 3rd stage of human development, after ego-identification and god-consciousness (enlightenment).

Externally Ascension of the Earth began in February of 2005. It is part of the cosmic ascension. This process has changed a lot of the play rules of the cosmos.

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Ascension Attitudes
Many people are very in touch with their feelings. They aren’t logically inclined so they don’t question what they feel. They possess an inner sense of knowingness. These people function primarily from the right brain and find it natural to be immersed in the Three Ascension Attitudes of love, praise and gratitude. This is the feminine approach.

If we continually live in the pure vibration of any one of these attitudes for a few months, it changes us from mortal to immortal. We become an ascended master in the flesh. This occurs because love, praise and gratitude are attitudes that indicate we have chosen life. These attitudes signal the pituitary gland to order the thymus to excrete the life hormone so our cells are continually renewed.

Of the right-brain options, the majority of people will ascend through praise. This is accomplished by living in complete devotion and by surrendering to the stillness within. Praise is seeing only the perfection. One outward expression of this is devout singing to God. Another approach may be to use prayer. Praise raises our eyes above the storm. It has no regard for fear or external circumstances.

Praise has everything to do with awareness. If we start to become aware, we will find reasons to praise the Creator even when we experience a rough day and the pot has boiled over on the stove, the kids are screaming. Our husband hasn’t come home and we suspect he is having an affair. The bills are late, again. Stop and take a deep breath and return to the present moment and realize: we are a spiritual being having a human experience; it is spring and the blossoms are in full bloom; a playful squirrel is staring at us from the tree outside the window; and there are meteorites shooting through the sky. Focus on the positive things so awareness can feed our appreciation.

When we live in constant praise, light shines through the skin. We no longer walk in darkness for a soft glow literally lights our steps. This inner radiance becomes visible to others and it can be disconcerting to those we associate with, similar to the people who were afraid when Moses came forth from Mt. Sinai, bathed in light.

Some people use praise like a drug. They may go into worship for several days and sing to the glory of God. It is a high and they may be using it to escape reality. If that is the case, it has become a dysfunctional addiction. Continual praise is only healthy when the individual is balanced and incorporates it into the order of his daily life.

Gratitude is the next most common option for right-brain ascension. To feel grateful for all things, we need to know that everything is in divine order—even the seemingly negative occurrences. This happens when one understands that resistance is necessary for growth.

Before we can be grateful for all things, we need to see them as gifts, knowing it is an honor to undergo these challenges because it evolves God’s awareness. If we live that attitude, so-called problems tend to dissolve. Hardships decrease. We start to walk in grace.

The most difficult right-brain option is through love because it requires that no fear be present. Fear is the desire to retreat and it blocks us from aligning ourselves with the intent of the universe, which is to enfold within itself—including all things. Love doesn’t come on-line as a state of being until we align ourselves with this intent. When we do, love vibrates through the body’s cells.

Praise and gratitude banish fear, therefore love follows these attitudes. However, faith in God and surrender to the Divine will are the components of devotion. Such devotion also melts fear and brings forth love. It is necessary for fear to be removed since it is the opposite of love—they cannot exist simultaneously.

We can raise our consciousness no matter what we worship by having love’s vibration in our cells. This concept places the petty squabbling of churches over dogma into proper perspective.

We cultivate the Three Ascension Attitudes through perspective. Start by thinking the most beautiful thoughts possible and focusing on what we have, rather than what we don’t. Even if we can find only one thing to be grateful for and focus on it, our perception expands. Soon we will be able to see further and further behind the appearances. In this way, devotion enhances perception.

Each of the Three Ascension Attitudes represents a color (love is blue, praise is yellow, gratitude is red) and when they are combined, it makes white light: God’s light. These are the white garments of the saints spoken of in the scriptures—the white light emanating from their skin.

From A Life of Miracles

Also see Almine’s free online course

At the end of 2012 it became clear that a fourth Ascension Attitude needed to be added to the existing three. That is the attitude of trust. Trust in the unfolding of infinite life and the subsequent surrender to it seizes all resistance and judgement of life.

Assemblage point
The assemblage point is on the outer rim of the seventh lightbody (spirit body) and is an illuminated spot that determines which reality we are in. If that point moves, this universe, which seems solid, disappears and another reality assembles. It is as though we have accessed different holographic experiences. A slight movement of the assemblage point puts us in an altered state, such as in meditation. With practice, we can go into a temporary meditative state, even if we are just going to the end of the garden to get the mail. It is a temporary disconnecting of the clamour of left-brain that allows pure information from higher realms to shed light on the situation and give us accurate information about the unknown.

Read more in Journey to the Heart of God and A Life of Miracles

Belvaspata is a sacred modality that heals with light and frequency. This healing method is a gift from the Infinite to the cosmic races to accommodate the changing laws of physics that took place as all life ascended into a new creation in August 2006. The use of Belvaspata heals as the frequencies of the sacred sigils are drawn to where they are most needed.

Belvaspata, the healing modality for the new frequencies within the cosmos, takes into consideration changes that occurred in August 2006, altering the laws governing all existence.

The most basic assumptions on which healers of all modalities have based their methods, changed overnight. In the past, opposite energies attracted and healing energy gravitated towards diseased energies. Now, they repel each other. Healers can now utilize light and frequency to dispel the illusion of disease, since under the changed cosmic laws, their opposite aspects attract.

Belvaspata, in the language of the Mother Goddess, means ‘healing of the heart’. Whereas the primary purpose of previous cycles of existence was to seek perception (which is mind-oriented), the one we have entered has a different purpose. This creation challenges us to fulfill one primary purpose: to create through the heart.  The body of knowledge, which is Belvaspata, is a gift from the Mother/Infinite Being that we may fulfill the new purpose of life. It is here to help us create health, joy and happiness through the heart.

Listen to this audio clip for more information on Belvaspata

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Contraction is the metaphor used to describe a state of awareness where one is still identifying with the body and its limitations. As a being as vast as the cosmos, you are contracted into a human experience. Its opposite is expansion.

No such thing as corruption could in reality exist. The highest truth is that that which appears as corruption from the small egoic self’s point of view can actually be seen as part of the perfection of unfolding life the way the eggshell protects the chicken before it hedges. Resistance has been part of unfolding perfection, simply because of the illusion of space and time. As they’ve served the purpose of providing for new concepts of being, so opposition has been their tool. In encountering corruption, the goal for the master is to see what within himself has created the necessity for such an illusion to exist. By remembering himself to be all life and eliminating the illusion within him, it is transformed without.

Devi Satva Yoga
Devi Satva Yoga is the name under which all of Almine’s different yoga’s fall.

Yoga, as a spiritual and physical discipline, has been practiced in many variations by masters and novices for countless years and is universally accepted as one of the most effective development tools ever created.

In its original state, man’s physical form was meant to be self-purifying, self-regenerating and self-transfiguring. Being created it was not real or eternal but could, through pristine living and total surrender, open gates in the body that would allow the Real to permeate and indefinitely sustain it. The yoga’s of Devi Satva Yoga help accomplish this.

There are 4 bodies of yoga that make up Devi Satva Yoga.

Irash Satva Yoga – The Yoga of Abundance
In Irash Satva Yoga, received by Almine from the Angelic Kingdom, this ancient methodology is exponentially expanded and enhanced by incorporating the alchemies of sound and frequency.

Using easily mastered postures paired with music from Cosmic Source created specifically for each, the 144 cardinal gates in the mind and body are opened and cleansed of their dross and debris, allowing the practitioner to tap into the abundance of the One Life.

Shrihat Satva Yoga – The Yoga to Clear Past Reincarnational Cycles
As an initiate reaches for a higher level of enlightenment he must walk a path of mastery that produces a state of internal androgyny. Having lost all other identities, a master must then also lose the identity of gender. This is necessary to balance the proactive and receptive qualities within.

Resolution of the 12 feminine and 12 masculine reincarnation cycles brings this desired state to fruition. The ancient practice of Shrihat Satva Yoga facilitates removal of debris from prior incarnations held in the physical form and the fields around the body.

Saradesi Satva Yoga – The Yoga of Eternal Youth
As translated by Almine from the ancient texts of Saradesi – The Fountain of Youth
Includes the Sound Elixirs for Eternal Youth; Plus: The Illuminations of the Gods

The ancient texts speak of time as movement. They affirm that time and space, movement and stillness, are illusions. To sustain any illusion requires an enormous amount of resources. This depletion of resources causes aging and decay.

The illusion of polarity, the impossibility that the One Life can be divided and split, is brought to resolution by balancing the opposite poles exactly. Only then can they cancel one another out, revealing an incorruptible reality that lies beyond – the reality of Eternal Youth.

Aranash Suba Yoga – The Yoga of Enlightenment
Almine’s yoga for releasing trauma and strengthening the Eternal Song of the Infinite within.

Aranash Suba Yoga works at a deep core level to assist with releasing trauma, specifically through the effects that the postures, meditations and stretches have on the psoas muscle. This yoga turns its back on the illusions of the matrices and embraces the contradiction of an existence of no opposites. The overall benefit of Aranash Suba Yoga is to release the hold of illusion and strengthen the Eternal Song of the Infinite within.

For more information, see Almine’s yoga blog.

Humanity consists of both right-and left-brained individuals. We shall call the right brained ones Dreamers and the left brained ones Stalkers. Those approaching life through the left brain, the Stalk­ers, have what is called a vertical approach to life. The right brained Dreamers approach life horizontally.

The way Dreamers access the world has been very much misun­derstood. The educational system is designed around the way Stalk­ers think. As it is, Stalkers can grasp external information at the rate of thirty-four units to every twenty-one units the Dreamers can. The Dreamers have consequently traditionally been underestimated as under-achievers.

From How to Raise an Exceptional Child

Duality is that which instead of expressing as One, entertains the illusion that it can express as two opposites. Duality refers to the separation through illusion of the Oneness of all life. It is the beginning of space and the root of time.

Expansion is a metaphor to describe the state of awareness commonly known as god-consciousness, where you no longer define yourself with just your body, but expand that notion beyond all boundaries, to the edge of the cosmos. It is the opposite of contraction, or ego-identification.

Frequency or vibration causes the clustering of energy into matter, just like the spider’s glue. If we place a circle of thick paper covered with metal shavings on top of a glass and strike a tuning fork against the glass, different patterns will form for different notes.

The harpist or the tuning fork that clusters awareness into individuated perspectives is the desire (frequency) of the Infinite to know itself through forming Creation. From this clustering, each one of us becomes a unique facet of the Infinite, able to relate to one another and to plan the way we want Creation to unfold.

From Journey to the Heart of God

Another perspective says that light is the Infinite’s pro-active intent and frequency is the Infinite’s receptive intent.

That part of a being or archetype that is more receptive in nature. Beyond gender, both males and females have a feminine and a masculine side.

Fleeting Moment of Chance
This is a concept used in Toltec Shamanism to describe that there are no ordinary or unimportant moments and that every second your life can spin on a dime and change directions.

Also see Spiritual Journeys audios for more Fleeting Moment of Chance information.

God Kingdom
Beyond the apex of human evolution (which is Immortal Mastery, a stage within Ascended Mastery) lies the “god kingdom”. It is here where we can come and go with the speed of thought throughout all realms of time and space–the cosmos as our playground.

From Journey into the Heart of God.

Unlike the 3 stages within the human kingdom, the God-Kingdom has two levels. It is essential that more and more humans enter the God-kingdom, as did Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Quan Yin and Sunat Kumara among others, because it is their destiny to change the inactivity found there. Humans are accustomed to struggle, and a great struggle awaits in the God-Kingdom to avoid succumbing to the inactivity and lack of growth in that realm. The struggle is against the huge enticement of bliss. Although we encounter bliss as a testing within the human stages, the bliss of this higher stage is eight times stronger. It becomes difficult to move even a limb and activity tends to slow almost to a standstill.

From Secrets of the Hidden Realms

In 2013 it became clear that the God Kingdom actually consists of 5 different levels. For more information, see Entering Godhood

God-consciousness is a stage within human development. The previous stage (ego-identification) believed the character we play on the stage of life to be real. This stage no longer identifies with the character. In fact, during the first two phases we walk off the stage of life only to return for the third phase. But even as we again stay in character, we know without a doubt that we are just enacting a role.

From Secrets of the Hidden Realms

Global Earth Chant Ceremony
The Global Earth Chant Ceremony is a ceremony with 72 hours worth of Earth Chants. It was first held from June 21st-24th 2012. Most probably it will be a reoccurring yearly event.

“The Earth Chants tell the story of the Cosmic Child and how she was captured within a cage. The cage is the spider web. And how her mother comes into the cage to try and find her daughter and bring her home. And finally how the mother leaves the cage and the daughter finds her way home.

There is this epic tale of the Cosmic Child that is described in the Earth Chants, of which there is only 72 hours, and we’ve been bringing them in as you’ve ordered them for yourself. When they’re done, they’re done; then there’s no more. So it’s like buying a piece of real estate. I mean you own a piece of that chant that influences your life. What does it influence? Spirit. 

The chant of the Cosmic Child, the Earth Chant, the ancient history released from the rocks of the earth is what you’re hearing. And that chant clears psychic impressions, which are electrically formed impressions that are ghostlike within the spirit of every being.

And, why are they there? Because they are trying to get us to remember the story the way it really was. And they’re trying to get us to know how this can be resolved. And so this story of the chant of the Cosmic Child releases the need for these old, old pieces of story that have become distorted, to be released from Spirit.” 

~ Almine

More information here.

The Earth Chant Ceremony of 2012 was the first global summer solstice ceremony held by Almine. It was followed up in 2013 with the Angelic Summer Solstice Ceremony. In the future Almine will probably hold more global ceremonies during the summer solstice.

Based on the dictates of the matrix, slanted perception is formed amongst beings. As a result resistance to life arises creating what we know as superficial or surface mind. The constructs of mind through believe systems, identity and worldviews, create layers of electromagnetic particles that fill the space within the matrixes in various patterns. These are called grids.

Further reading: Science of Immortality and Down the Rabbit Hole.

The Hakulit is a form of spiritual counseling. As such it is unique, in that the counselor does not give any answers. Instead, the client finds the deeper underlying mental, psychological, emotional or mental roots of physical symptoms for himself, guided by the Hakulit practitioner. You do the hard work! The Hakulit empowers you by realizing your own answers and solutions, instead of anyone handing them to you.

The Hakulit system consists of two parts: First you clear the old “problem” by realizing what perceptions gave rise to it to begin with. Secondly you manifest a new situation in its place. Both practices use the Lemurian Qi Vesta (Breath of the Divine), which is a very powerful manifestation and transformation tool. Both parts take roughly an hour in which you go very deep into your own process. Although both practices can be taken separately –and are very potent on their own- it is highly advisable to take them together and experience the magic of the full process.

The Hakulit was offered as a part of the Beyond Mortality online course, and uses the cards of the Qi Vesta online course.

At the beginning of 2014 an online course and book will be released to practice, study and master the Hakulit as a concealing device.

The Hamagda are ancient Lemurian texts that Almine has translated. Some can be found on the diary, others with insights into deep spiritual mastery can be found in the online course Awakening from the Dream.

First briefly mentioned in Almine’s book Arubafirina, the Haaraknit is:

“A spaceless space
Behind the life force center it is placed
The center of creation it is, producing
the building blocks of life

When as a gate it opens, obsolete building
blocks could reach humankind
No more shall this its function be
From Source resources shall come but
not those that are obsolete

That which enlivens and self-sovereignty establishes
Which cannot be depleted for in realness it exists
Shall fill the forms with endless supply
Illuminated grandeur beneath the surface lies”.

(From Interstellar Mysticism).

More information about the Haaraknit can be found in Revisiting the LabyrinthBelvaspata volume 2 and Down the Rabbit Hole 4.

Illusion at its root foundation is the imagining of separation – an impossibility that cannot exist within the ocean of the One Life. Illusion has served the purpose of creating incubation chambers formed by matrixes and grids that have provided the opportunity for life to experiment with itself. There are 144 core illusions that began the matrixes from which individuated life, which is in itself an illusion, sprang.

For more information on these core 144 illusions, see Science of Immortality online course or the Lemurian Science of Immortality book.

One who walks in impeccability, living always his or her highest truth, must progress rapidly in unfolding their personal awareness. The perception of such a person increases as the horizon forever recedes. At first, occasional flashes of universal integrity might occur, but eventually it will become a way of life. For impeccability has to lead to the impersonal life where the greater good is always the first consideration, until finally the ego is stilled and God-consciousness is reached.

From Journey to the Heart of God

Immortality and Incorruptibility
Mortality implies that the soul and the body are separated – a situation that cannot be sustained. Either the body calls the soul and incarnation happens or the soul calls the body and death happens.

With immortality however, great parts of the soul force are in the physical body sustaining life, not indefinitely, but for thousands of years. By living in eternal time, a slowed down version of linear time, the lifespan and youth of the immortal master can be prolonged up to approximately 9.000 to 10.000 years. It is however not indefinite, for that incorruptibility is needed. Immortality however can only occur when linear time as a condition has been completely removed from the physical body. Immortality assumes that the body is self regenerative and has mastered the self producing resources that are required to sustain it. The fields of an immortal master have expanded around the body and the emotional fields have exploded into a magnified configuration. This creates the characteristic condition of bliss found in an immortal master in a much greater depth than those who have simply left ego identification and have entered god consciousness.

Incorruptibility has gone beyond the expansion of awareness that is the hallmark of immortality. It recognizes that even this condition is also an identity and that identity eventually brings decay and the succumbing to death. Incorruptibility has remembered itself to be the only being in existence and that all life is an expression of the One manifesting through the many. This creates a fluid form that changes as life dictates through the evolving Oneness of existence. The incorruptible master has a body that is continually changing, renewed eternally.

The master in immortality is in expanded, eternal or slowed down time. The master in incorruptibility is in the moment. However, it does not follow that one who lives in the moment achieves this elevated state of evolved consciousness. It requires also a profound depth of knowingness that there is only one being in existence. The master has to know that all life is an expression of themselves as the One expressing as the many. The personal will is completely eliminated at this time, as the incorruptible master becomes a fluid vehicle of expression for the Larger Self.

For more information, see Science of Immortality.

The ocean in which creation takes place. For more information listen to this radio show

Kaanish Belvaspata
The Healing Modality of Enlightenment. An incredible gift from the Infinite – great miracles have been reported from Belvaspata masters and grand masters world wide who have used this sacred healing modality of the angels. The most holy of all gifts a Belvaspata master can bestow on another is the gift of enlightenment. By connecting with the Kaanish Belvaspata sigils, a session facilitating healing could be producing enlightenment as well. The principles that make this possible are carefully explained.

For more information, see here.

Left Brain Dominate
Metaphor to describe someone who is more logic and mind orientated. Although it is understood that with any activity both brain parts are used, this over simplification helps to determine if someone is more inclined to be mind orientated, instead of heart orientated. Both views are equally valid in experiencing the mystery of beingness.

Light Elixir
During a visionary experience, Almine has been instructed by the Infinite on how to create Personal Elixirs of Light—a unique and exquisite piece of digital artwork prepared by Almine, just for you. This is accompanied by an individual musical chant.

Almine’s beautiful voice has delighted hundreds of recipients of personal sound elixirs. Many miracles have been reported since the time this great gift has been available. Now experience the depth of your existence beyond duality, and in the perfection of the Oneness, through this powerful alchemy of sound and light.

See here for more information on Light Elixirs.

Light is the Infinite’s pro-active intent, where frequency is the Infinite’s receptive intent. Light has also been identified as one of the original building blocks of existence. Sometimes also referred to as the known, or “accessed light” or knowledge through experience.

For more information on light and the other building blocks, see Windows into Eternity.

That part of a being or archetype that is more pro-active in nature. Beyond gender, both males and females have a feminine and a masculine side.

The final phase within the first stage of human development of ego-identification.

The master has a formidable task to accomplish. As this is the last phase remaining in identity consciousness (ego-identification), he must gather enough power and energy to make the big leap of entirely disconnecting from ego and enter into God-consciousness.

The training of this phase emphasizes the streamlining of the master’s life. The conservation of energy is essential and must become a part of life. All initial energy is used up by a disorganized left brain. Only the surplus is available to the right brain to access the unknown. At this point the master’s mind must become so organized that energy is freely available to access more and more of the unseen realms.

From Journey to the Heart of God

The term “master” is freely used by Almine to describe someone who has done such amounts of internal work that social conventions of any sorts no longer define or confine him. Sometimes also designated to someone who has silenced the mind.

The matrix can be viewed as an imaginary scab on an opening wound within the One Life. Illusionary in nature, they have nevertheless dictated the conditions of life since the very onset of individuation. They contain 24 levels of information which give rise to 24 massive cycles of life that all individuated life moves through in its circular root around the space allotted for creation, or around the wheel of life (illustration). Matrixes have formed a mirror for life to be confined within, giving rise to illusions the way a mirror reflects images backwards. There are 24 layers of matrixes governing 12 levels of life that are primarily electrical or light based, and 12 levels of life that are frequency or emotion based. They are formed through belief systems, namely the 144 core illusions, mostly being based on relationship.

Further reading: Science of Immortality and Down the Rabbit Hole.

Qi Vesta
The Lemurian Qi Vesta means ‘Breath of the Divine’, or that which breathes life into manifestation. It replaces previously used divination devices like the Tarot.

As life ascends to one of Mastery, it can be clearly seen that time is an illusion belonging to those who strive against life. The Master, in the stillness of full surrender, knows there can be no predictability when there is no time. The Master also knows that he may manifest a temple of holy life in his environment that honors the sanctity of his being. The Qi Vesta is the ancient and powerful manifestation tool for accomplishing this.

The Qi Vesta is the graduation gift of the one month online course of High Alchemy of the One – Qi Vesta.

Old term for spiritual retreats with Almine. These used to be called Pods of Light, or a “pod”.

Poetic Perspective
A tool by Almine to let duality loosen its grip on you. By approaching something with more than just 1 or 2 senses, by not taking things at face value, but seeing the underlying beauty, you are going beyond appearances and connecting with that real part that is encapsulated within form…

Share your poetic perspective on our social network, or be inspired by the course called the Poetic Perspective.

Polarity deals with the movement of time, whereas duality deals with the separation of Oneness to create a space. Anything that moves across a space formed by duality creates polarity. Polarity is the back and forth fluxes between the receptive (feminine) and the proactive (masculine). It is a self-sustaining dynamo that produces resources, specifically energy, within the confined space created by duality. When a space is created it immediately cuts of all supply from the One Life. To compensate for this polarity and its movement it becomes a self-generating energy dynamo to sustain life within the illusion of space.

Recapitulation is the scrutiny of past occurrences that still control our behavior by causing usto have knee-jerk responses to people, events and beliefs.

Recapitulation assists us to release debris and retrieve any parts of ourselves that became lost due to past trauma. If we have any identity labels, a sense of self-importance, or if we are still judging people or events as good or bad, then we need to clear it.

Recapitulation can occur spontaneously, but more often than not, it requires effort. To make it easier, try placing it in categories such as year-by-year, family, spouses, sexual partners, friends, teachers, classmates, students, bosses, co-workers, etc. Sometimes we may receive snapshots of the past during the dreamstate. That is a signal that those events need to be released. It is also helpful if we can identify cyclical patterns in our life, then we can recapitulate a whole cycle and it releases all similar cycles. Consequently, as you review your life, be sure to watch for cycles within cycles. This process occurs naturally at death. For several hours following death, our soul stays inside the energy field that surrounds the body (in the shape of an egg) and our whole life passes in front of us. As we witness this, we are able to see it from God’s perspective, and as a result, our whole life is recapitulated. Then the soul passes through to the Spirit world and the energy field collapses upon itself.

Read more in Journey to the Heart of God and A Life of Miracles

Resurrection within the microcosm, or individual, as well as in the macrocosm, is the reparation of the three schisms that happen within our eternal being to cause a life of opposition and alienation from Source. It occurs in three stages, in reverse order of how the fall of the individual into density happened.

The First Stage of Resurrection
In the first stage of resurrection, the inner schism of the awake body (the physical) and the dream body (the soul) is healed. The master learns how to balance the feminine (receptive) and masculine (pro-active) within by living them not alternatively, but simultaneously. In doing this he or she becomes wakeful in the dream and able to feel the dreamlike quality of the awake times. This allows one to take full responsibility for the part of our existence lived while we sleep. Eventually sleep and awake states seem equally real and can be lived simultaneously. Life and death lose their claim on the master. The many become the one in this stage. Continue reading on

The retreats that offer the teachings of Almine have several unique and characteristic features. They vary widely in that these globally occurring events each have a specific theme, but the following common elements can be found:

Popular mystics steeped in the bliss of expanded awareness are seldom accessible to their followers. Almine personally teaches the entire workshop, with additional yoga or healing sessions offered at the end of the day by qualified students, for free, at some retreats. Almine regards her global community of students as her light-family and personal interaction is essential within the teaching experience.

Every projected curriculum of a spiritual retreat is a prophetic statement of new cutting-edge revelations and mysticism. Almine has silenced the internal dialogue of the mind and is therefore a clear vessel for the previously unaccessed information that comes forth. Unlike most teachers – who access either the known or the unknown – Almine teaches from the unknowable. Therefore, students that follow her from retreat to retreat receive new and profound information every time. To learn more about the known, the unknown and the unknowable – click here to watch a video in which Almine explains the difference.

Students are enabled to participate in new teachings by the instant awakening of skills and the learning of tools previously unknown. This initiates an empowering spiritual experience, rather than a static lecture. Almine has stated that she is not gathering students, but assisting to awaken masters. She empties your mind of its deafening chatter, rather than filling it with more facts.

The numbers of students in Almine’s retreats are relatively small, providing an intimate experience. The masses gravitate to teachers of the known. Almine is a teacher of the unknown with a great gift of rendering even the unknowable understandable. The numbers of truth-seekers that gravitate towards the non-challenging material of the known have chosen a slower rate of growth. Her spiritual retreats are for the few who wish to “fly like eagles on higher thermals, leaving the flocks of birds behind.” The belief that anything can be truly known is an illusion of the masses. Masters know that from our limited vantage point, nothing can be truly known. We live in the unknowable. Gravitating towards the known is like “a fish that swims around and around the confines of its bowl”.

Almine’s retreats vary in their ambient nature. Some are an outdoor experience, some are in cosmopolitan areas and for now, there are rare opportunities for retreats in her hallowed and beautiful home in Oregon, USA. Moreover, there are intensive men’s or women’s retreats on occasion that provide full immersal into the experience from dawn to the late evening. There are also presently opportunities for individual study or in small groups of no more than eight.

Whatever the retreat of your choice, those who have had this indescribable experience are unanimous that it has been life-changing. Most who have experienced these powerful events and participated in their miracles, express the heartfelt opinion that there is nothing else remotely like it. There simply is no comparison.

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Right Brain Dominate
Metaphor to describe someone who is more intuitively and emotionally orientated. Although it is understood that with any activity both brain parts are used, this over simplification helps to determine if someone is more inclined to be intuitively orientated, instead of mind orientated. Both views are equally valid in experiencing the mystery of beingness.

Sacred Libraries
In February 2005, the Earth started a rapid and momentous ascension into higher realms. To aid in the success of what had failed in earlier attempts, the Mother of all existence established sacred repositories of knowledge to provide answers to the previously unsolved mysteries that had perplexed mankind for eons.

Under the stewardship of ascended masters and earthly gods and goddesses, these libraries contain predictions for our time, as well as secrets of and keys to bodies of white, incorruptible magic. They give revelations that shed light on the nature of reality and, above all, priceless insights into the Infinite Being who created us.

The holy libraries were established in seven octaves of existence; seven distinct frequency bands called bands of compassion. These constitute the true reality behind the nature of the seven directions and as such, each has very distinct characteristics. The libraries contain the writings of ancient civilizations that lived in past cycles of earthly life, each trillions of years long.

Although these vast cycles of life have come and gone in the far distant past, the libraries were created to be eternal, carrying their priceless treasures of information with them. These treasures would only be yielded if the origin of illusion – duality – could finally be found and eradicated. Since the beginning of 2008, a concerted effort by the Infinite to heal duality has enabled the opening of these sacred repositories so that all may benefit.

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Sobriety is the ability to see behind appearances and not take anything at face value, but rather to see the larger picture of what Life is trying to tell you in symbols.

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Spider goddesses
Spider goddesses are beings from the Dream of the Infinite that controlled the matrixes of existence and kept the programs of duality in place. They were created by the rebellious supergods with the purpose to control existence.

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Spiderwebs overlaying creation
The “spiderwebs overlaying creation” is a metaphor used to describe the matrixes and grids that overlay pristine expression. “Spiderwebs overlaying the Rembrandt” is the description Almine often uses. Creation, duality, or the known and unknown are a combination of light (knowledge) and frequency (the feelings about something) that act like a spider’s web to catch someone into the static expression, or the world we see in its various expressions every day. The underlying perfection ever changes, is not static and can sometimes be seen through the spiderwebs. is Almine’s main website. On it you can find the all the links to her other sites, like her youtube pagestore, radioshows, facebook pages and daily blog. is Almine’s online mystery school. Here the currently running online courses can be found. For older online courses, see the store on spiritualjourneys.

Sound Elixir
By connecting with you through the heart, Almine composes and sings your sound elixir, to keep for a lifetime of beneficial results.  As one of the leading mystics and alchemists on Earth today, she uses techniques of the alchemical potencies of sound to cancel out illusion in your environment.

By combining what is known to mystics as white light frequencies with black light frequencies: that which is illusion-based – lack, aging and disease – is neutralized. As your life’s requirements change, so will the ways in which your one-of-a-kind elixir assists in removing the illusions to reveal the perfection of that which is real. You never need to renew it.

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Humanity consists of both right-and left-brained individuals. We shall call the right brained ones Dreamers and the left brained ones Stalkers. Those approaching life through the left brain, the Stalk­ers, have what is called a vertical approach to life. The right brained Dreamers approach life horizontally.

The Stalkers access more of the vertical mental waves of aware­ness and the Dreamers the horizontal waves. Stalkers access the known deeply and analytically, like a flashlight shining a small, bright, clearly defined beam of light onto a wall. Dreamers access more of the unknown, like a wide circle of diffused light. Stalk­ers can juggle twelve balls in the external world for every one the Dreamers can. But Dreamers will pick up many times more non-cognitive information.

From How to Raise an Exceptional Child

The forming of the sub-personalities of man has helped him become that unique creature previously mentioned: the microcosm of the macrocosm. Within the Infinite and its Creation, the four trinities represent the sub-personalities of the One expressing as the Many. The Primary Trinity is the inner warrior; the Creative Trinity is the inner sage. Within Creation, the Trinity of Indwelling Life is the inner child and the Trinity of Materialization is the inner nurturer. In the future, various races represented the different sub-personalities.

The sub-personalities receive truth about the known and unknown portions of the cosmos in a specific way. In addition, each needs to express in its own allotted time: the child being allowed to play, the nurturer to nurture, etc. Each receives from another sub-personality its input and guidance and each communicates its insights to yet another sub-personality. As these personalities access, interpret and organize the information from their environment, the unknown is turned into the known in a very specific way. Like an assembly line, the unknown gets handed from one personality to the next until it is turned into the known.

From Journey to the Heart of God

The “supergods” refers to two separate things:

1: The Supergod-kingdom is a very advanced state of awareness or being that lies beyond the human kingdom. Because this kingdom has not been accessible to anyone within our cosmos until September 2005, we have no name for it and, needing to call it something, I have named it the Supergod-Kingdom.

Unlike our cosmos, there is not a great diversity of life within these much higher cosmoses that represent these higher kingdoms. Only goddesses, gods and lords (who maintain the grid lines along which information travels as light) reside here.

From Secrets of the Hidden Realms

2: Beings or currents of awareness hailing from the Infinite Ocean, that gave rise to the Dream in which duality took place. These supergods actively played a part to control and manipulate the Dream for their own benefit.

For more information about the Story of the Supergods, see Almine’s online course Down the Rabbit Hole

Triad of Body, Soul and Spirit
The triad of Body, Soul and Spirit is the combined interaction of the inner family with the masculine (physical) doing the eternal dance, the feminine (soul) playing the music, and the neutral (spirit) providing the changing set, stage and props, creates the clarity for the Infinite’s expression to be known. Without each trying to control the other’s performance, opposition decreases and inevitable action reveals itself.

Triad of Known, Unknown and Unknowable
Information can be divided into the categories of the known, the unknown and the unknowable.

The Known
The left brain is responsible for accessing the known, which constitutes 1/12th of that which can be known by man without being in God Consciousness.

The Unknown
It consists of 11/12ths of that which can be known without entering Godmind. It is accessed by right brain, which gathers information from other realms, the future, from unseen guides and allies, by intuiting motives and feelings from other people. It is also accessed by the subconscious that gathers information from our Higher Self and the collective consciousness of humanity.

The Unknowable
Godmind accesses the unknowable, which includes the majority of Creation. When one enters Godmind, making decisions takes on an entirely different meaning. First of all, consideration about the future is very difficult to grasp because it isn’t seen as one straight line but as many probabilities. The past doesn’t exist, for one has entered eternal time by living in the moment.

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Triad of Linear Change
As we go through either the smaller changes in our lives or the larger, more dramatic ones, a pattern starts to emerge; a map we can use to identify what stage of change we’re in. Each cycle goes through three distinct phases, identifiable by their symptoms.

This stage is marked by so many changes that it can be called the time of the death of the old. If we hold on longer than we should to relationships or situations, we find life shedding them for us through forced change. This time can certainly be disconcerting as the old platform we stood on disintegrates, but the energy released when that which no longer serves us drops away is a great reward.

During the phase of transmutation, we are confronted with never before encountered challenges or those we have failed to learn from. Life has just served the ball across the net and waits for our response. The harder the serve, the more we can gain. Most people spend their whole life running away from the balls coming across the net instead of hitting them back.

Major transfigurations such as disconnecting from ego-identification (becoming God-conscious) and entering into Immortal Mastery come but a few times in one’s life. All change, however, follows this exact map with its three stages. The larger transfigurations are just more noticeable. Even the little changes add up, eventually allowing enough light into our lives for our entire life to transfigure. As more and more clarity is gained, the person must transfigure in order to accommodate the increased light.

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Toltec Nagual
A Toltec Nagual is the term for a Toltec seer, whose reason for existence is to lead others to freedom.

The ancient Toltec traditions speak of the Toltec shamanic way as having come from the Mother of Creation Herself. Mother saw that corruption of the masculine grids would occur, which would in turn corrupt the feminine grids. She created the way of shamanism to rectify the grids, the pathways along which information flows, to form the ideal template of spiritual warriorship.

The spiritual warrior always knew that the battle was one to dispel illusion and gain perception. Wielding his or her shield of impeccability, the warrior traversed a path that embraced challenge as a source of power and perception.

The Toltec tradition was designed to not only map the way through the unknown, but also to utilize it as a growth mechanism. It originated directly from Mother to help preserve the masculine grid in all its integrity.

She knew that power mongers would attempt to disrupt these grids (lines of light that tell groups of beings how to live) and the information that flows along them. For this reason the Toltec way was given as the impeccable way to work with power. It provided a way to harness energy and increase perception by turning the unknown into the known through experience. In the summer of 2006, after a year and a half of cosmic ascension which saw the cosmos move through higher and higher frequency bands, the unknown was successfully turned into the known. What had been the primary purpose of the Toltec path no longer existed—nine-tenths of its tenets and philosophy became obsolete as the unknown ceased to be.

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The Zevuya is originally a Mayan concept, used by Almine to describe the cycles of linear time that travel like a flat figure eight. These cycles of time are laid out in front of you and behind you and have a crossing point right behind the belly button, where the life force center can be found.

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