Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about Almine

Question: Almine really looks different than any other spiritual teacher I have ever seen – the clothes, hair, make-up, etc. Can you explain this?
Answer: There is the false assumption that a spiritual master has to dress and act a certain way. The idea is that individual expression through clothing and accessories still indicates an ego. This is true, to a degree, but it only talks about people who still have an ego to get rid of. Almine is a master that has gone far beyond this second stage in human development (god-consciousness) and chooses to play with life in the way she is inspired to do on any given day. Part of this joyous expression is her clothing. Added benefit is that it shocks the system of people who think that they know: It shows you your own belief systems and assumptions about what a spiritual teacher should be like. Watch Almine’s great little video interview about our assumptions on a spiritual teacher.

Question: What are these “pods” I keep on hearing people talk about.
Answer: A pod is the colloquial name given to spiritual retreats with Almine in the past. The name sometimes still comes up with people who have studied with Almine for a long time.

Question: What is the difference between a private and a general retreat with Almine?
Answer: Private retreats are hands-on small-scale retreats of 5 days with up to 4 people in Almine’s own home in beautiful Oregon. General retreats are larger spiritual retreats, either 3 or 5 days, anywhere in the world, which more people come to. As a result there is less personal interaction with Almine in comparison to the personal retreats. However, these general retreats are still very powerful. For more information on Almine’s retreats see this page.

Question: How do I learn more about or enroll for a private retreat?
Answer: Connect with our office manager Jan via or call toll free within the US: 877-552-5646 or internationally: (001) 614-354-2071.

Question: What is the best preparation I can have for a retreat?
Answer: There are multiple things you can do to prepare yourself for a retreat, like reading Almine’s daily blog. However, the best preparation you can give yourself, as stated by Almine, is to actively start following along with the Calendar of Oneness.

By living this Calendar on a daily basis you align yourself with cosmic enfoldment and are thus preparing yourself for the most relevant themes that will come up during the retreat. Together with many people around the world who already enjoy the Calendar, you are quite literally walking alongside Almine on your journey through cosmic enfoldment. A vibrant little community has sprung up discussing the daily tones, adding insights and poetry to the experience. All in all, the Calendar of Oneness is hands down the best tip that we can give you to prepare yourself on a retreat with Almine. Find out more about the Calendar of Oneness.

FAQs about Almine’s Teachings

Question: There is so much material and sometimes I come across what seems to be a contradiction on a specific subject. Why are these errors not changed?
Answer: Almine’s teachings are not a static set of belief systems but can be better understood as a living, breathing entity that always changes. The contradictions are there because the teachings span multiple levels of understanding. Almine’s insights build upon each other and thus a certain subject can be seen from multiple perspectives. This can seem like an error at face value, but is actually a natural occurrence within such a vast body of knowledge that goes very deep in its understanding.

Example: Gratitude is seen as a very effective and potent ascension attitude once you start on your spiritual path. It can get you very far on the path to mastery. However, that same attitude, if it is restricted to being grateful for something outside of you, can begin to hold you back later on in your spiritual development because it creates a relationship and thus duality with the thing you are grateful for. So, gratitude, is it a good thing or a ‘bad’ thing? It depends on the level you are looking at. Without this context, indeed, the teachings seem to contradict but at a closer inspection, they are just a deeper understanding of your own spiritual development.

Liken it to a hike up the (spiritual) mountain. When you begin, you have a certain view or perspective. The higher you climb, the wider the perspective gets. You can see your original view, but also so much more that puts that original picture into context.

Also, it helps to keep in mind that Almine proves herself wrong every day and isn’t afraid to do so. This stems from a deep understanding that life is not static but always changing. Thus truth also ever changes. “Errors” or past perspectives that have yielded to deeper insights only reflect this understanding.

Question: You charge for the books and online courses. Isn’t spirituality supposed to be free?
Answer: You don’t pay for the philosophical insights or tools. What you pay for is the time and energy that is put into producing the books, cd’s, pieces of art and online courses by Almine and her support team. Also there is a whole host of free information to be found. Check out Almine’s free 1 month online course “Pathways to Ascension”, her insights packed daily blog, or listen to one of her many radio shows.

Question: I keep on hearing Almine talk about Spirit as if it is a bad thing. Can you explain?
Answer: One of Almine’s core focuses with her teachings is to heal the split, the duality, which seems to play out in creation. One of these splits is the separation between body, soul and spirit. These pretend to be separate when in actuality they have never been apart. Seeing this will help you understand Almine’s perspective when she talks about body, soul and spirit.

FAQs about Almine’s Products

Question: My download product is not working.
Answer: Download links stay active for an unlimited amount of time. However, the link itself will only permit 5 downloads. This may be the reason why you cannot download. Please connect with for further assistance. The more information you can provide to us from your original order, the quicker we can help you.  So keep the following at hand (if possible):

  • Name under which you ordered.
  • Email address under which you ordered.
  • Original SJ order number.

If your download product is not working due to other reasons, please also connect with

Question: I lost all my downloads on my computer, what do I do?
Answer: Pleases contact with your sj order number at hand. We advise you to make a back-up of your downloads on a different hard drive or on a cloud archive on the internet. Please note that we love to help you but that we do not indefinitely resend download products when you can back-up your products yourself. Please take responsibility and be aware of this.

Question: I lost my free download product from the free section of store. What do I do?
Answer: The free products in Almine’s store can be downloaded an unlimited amount of time. You can just download them again by going to the product page and going through the free check-out procedure.

Question: How do I use a coupon code to get a discount for a product?
Answer: If you have a coupon code, go to the spiritual journeys store and click through to the product that you want to use the coupon for. Click Add to cart, then click on Checkout. Login in as a returning customer or as a guest. If you login as a guest you will have to enter your billing address. Click Continue to next step, and there you will see a button that saysDiscounts. This is where you will put in the coupon code. Enter it exactly as you see it, or copy & paste it in to the discount box, and then finish the checkout process. It will end up showing you owe nothing, and then you will receive an email confirmation of your purchase. If you ordered a digital product you will receive an email with a download link. If you ordered physical product, you will receive confirmation of your purchase – product will be shipped to your directly.

Question: I would like to purchase the book, “The Way of the Toltec Naugal” but on the webstore it says ‘sold out’. What does this mean – it is a downloadable product, it can’t be sold out.
Answer: This is a default setting for keeping a product visible on our store but not available for purchase – this product is currently being revised and will be available in 2013. In some cases we also use this setting for a retreat that has already taken place.

Question: Where should I start? There’s so much!
Answer: We can tell you from our own experience that it doesn’t matter where you start studying. The beautiful thing about Almine’s teachings is that it always flows back to her main subject. And that is you. Every book, every aphorism, every interview is, ultimately, about you.

You can view the teachings, from yesterday or 5 years ago, as little chapters in a non-linear story that she is telling. Every chapter gives you a piece of the story, but not one is the beginning. Not one chapter is more important than the other. And all complement each other in that they offer a greater understanding about yourself. So, you can indeed just start and enjoy the ride. For a roller-coaster ride it is!

All we can say is it is an honor and a pleasure to solve the mystery of beingness together. Walk along with Almine and if you have any questions, let us know at: Continue reading the beginners start here section for more information.

Question: Do you have a refund policy?
Answer: We do. You can read the refund policy here.

Question: How do I work with Wheels?
Answer: A wheel is a visual image that conveys non-cognitive, sacred and empowering information. They are similar to gateways through which specific healing frequencies are drawn and are power sources in the same way a holy object would be.

The wheels are alive and as we work with them they provide us with deep insights into the vastness and wealth of our own being, reminding us of all that we are.

Each wheel is a stand-alone wheel and can be used by itself. When wheels are used in a sequence, they tell a story and combine to make an equation.

Mystical practices have a beginning and a closure. If you are working with a sequence of wheels, do not stop in the middle as it leaks resources and energy. For this reason it is important that you always complete each sequence.

To access the information contained within the wheels at a deeper level you may place your hands on the wheels or run your hand across them — the left hand is receptive and the right hand promotes understanding.

Lying down, you may also place a wheel at your feet and upon contemplating its meaning, bring it up through your body from your feet to the Lahun Chakra 10 inches above your head. If a wheel feels ‘stuck’ anywhere, continue to feel the quality of the wheel until it moves freely. If you are working with a sequence of wheels, ensure that the highest numbered wheel is at the bottom and the lowest numbered wheel is at the top. Work with one wheel at a time and fully integrate one before moving on to the next. As you do, also contemplate how the qualities of each wheel combine and complement the other wheels within the sequence.

Possible Uses for Wheels include:

  • Meditate on a wheel.
  • Place on the walls of a healing space, office or a room in which you spend a lot of time.
  • With intention they can be placed into the body or placed directly on the body.
  • Specific wheels can be placed under a healing table when working on someone or under a chair that you frequently sit on.
  • Create your own personal mandala that you carry with you.

Also listen to this audio from the Interdimensional Communication online course. In it, Almine discusses the power and use of power wheels in-depth:

Technical FAQs

Question: What kind of technical requirements do I need to be able to do Almine’s online courses?
Answer: First off, most modern computers are equipped to be able to read all the documents and listen to all the audio files in Almine’s online courses. The written texts can be read via Adobe PDF reader. The audio portions can be listened to via Windows Media player on Windows or iTunes on a Mac.

Other things to keep in mind:

  • The best internet connection to access Almine’s pages and download her products is a broadband connection with average download speed. A slow download speed or dial-up connection can take very long in downloading the larger files that make up an online course.
  • Be sure that your browser is updated.
  • Be sure that your flash-drive is updated.
  • Check out the free online storage plans as a back-up option in case of crashing of your own computer. See or

Read further information about the technical requirements for Almine’s online courses or email us at if you have any questions.

FAQs about Spiritual Journeys

Question: What is Spiritual Journeys?
Answer: Spiritual Journeys is the business through which Almine’s teachings go out to the world. As such we are very proud to be part of her work and continually try to generate the highest possible quality of information and products. It is our passion to work with this cutting edge information and to give you the opportunity to get the most out of it for your spiritual growth.

If for any reason our work does not embody the high standards Almine holds for herself, or doesn’t meet your expectations, please contact us so we can create a better experience for both you, and the people who in the future come across Almine’s teachings.

We always enjoy hearing from you. ~ Team Almine

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