How to do White Magic: 10 steps

An old radio show hosted by Almine herself in which she answers the questions of her light family from all over the world.

The return of white magic to mankind on Earth is the main topic of this installation of “The Mystical World We Live In”. What is the relationship between white magic, intent and the patterns of existence? What does energy have to do with it? And most importantly, how do you practically do white magic? Almine shares 10 steps to do white magic from the Order of the Dove and divulges on the codes that are located at the base of the spine and how to activate them. What does passion have to do with it? And what is the link to the pineal gland? Almine walks through the different steps and touches upon the codes of the left and right brain and spine and how they alchemically interact in the pineal. At the end of the show she goes into the changing of the assemblage point. A magical show!

The runes that Almine talks about in the beginning of the show can be found in the Labyrinth of the Moon. The 10 steps on how to do white magic can be found in Almine’s book Windows into Eternity.