Almine’s private retreats provide the ultimate experience for those serious students who wish to fully immerse themselves in the transfigurational presence of Almine and an in-depth exposure to the mystical knowledge that will allow their own gifts to flourish. A private retreat is the most powerful thing Almine has to offer you because during this week your ‘issues’ and personal life converge and fuse with the actual metaphysics of Infinite Unfolding. Thus, you can state that during this week, cosmic life revolves around you. It is by all accounts a life changing experience…

A Life-changer

It is always a challenge for me to describe experiences of such magnitude and deep truths such as the events of my private retreat with Almine and our group. But, to be given the opportunity for close contact with Almine and our cohesive group while working with cosmic issues far surpassed anything I could ever envision. In addition to many items that week, we received tools to assist us so the magic returns in our life. These tools were exactly what I needed to create a more meaningful connection with the Infinite. I said to friends I feel like my ‘coffers are filled’ because every aspect of my life is so content. I am filled with such profound praise, love and gratitude for Almine and our group.

~ Teena, United States

What to expect

  • You arrive on Sunday afternoon, and have the evening to yourself to rest, go out and have dinner or walk the beach. You will stay in Almine’s own home or nearby homes (arrival times can be discussed before hand for long travel).
  • Class starts at 9:30 am and lasts till about 5:30 pm, although this can be very fluid, depending on the subjects and issues with every different group.
  • Each day is filled with discussions, meditations and personal work where you are looking at personal issues that coalesce with cosmic insights.
  • You get daily assignments that you work on as a group, alone, inside the house, or out in nature.
  • The nature of the inner work and daily assignments depends on the issues and frequency of the group and the insights from the cosmos. It is different with every group, so the best advise that we can give you is to be fluid, go with the flow and to let your expectations go of how the retreat should be and what you should get out of it. Thus, with little expectations, may life surprise you.
  • The week ends on Friday evening. Most leave on Saturday afternoon.

Contact: Jan Alvey

Tuition: $2500 per person ($1500 deposit); 8-person minimum – amount of total payment and deposit effective 2013/01/01. Housing is included in tuition, food is not, although some meals may be provided. Please read the fine print here