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The retreats that offer the teachings of Almine have several unique and characteristic features. They vary widely in that these globally occurring events each have a specific theme, but the following common elements can be found:

Popular mystics steeped in the bliss of expanded awareness are seldom accessible to their followers. Almine personally teaches the entire workshop, with additional yoga or healing sessions offered at the end of the day by qualified students, for free, at some retreats. Almine regards her global community of students as her light-family and personal interaction is essential within the teaching experience.

Every projected curriculum of a spiritual retreat is a prophetic statement of new cutting-edge revelations and mysticism. Almine has silenced the internal dialogue of the mind and is therefore a clear vessel for the previously unaccessed information that comes forth. Unlike most teachers – who access either the known or the unknown – Almine teaches from the unknowable. Therefore, students that follow her from retreat to retreat receive new and profound information every time. To learn more about the known, the unknown and the unknowable – click here to watch a video in which Almine explains the difference.

Students are enabled to participate in new teachings by the instant awakening of skills and the learning of tools previously unknown. This initiates an empowering spiritual experience, rather than a static lecture. Almine has stated that she is not gathering students, but assisting to awaken masters. She empties your mind of its deafening chatter, rather than filling it with more facts.

The numbers of students in Almine’s retreats are relatively small, providing an intimate experience. The masses gravitate to teachers of the known. Almine is a teacher of the unknown with a great gift of rendering even the unknowable understandable. The numbers of truth-seekers that gravitate towards the non-challenging material of the known have chosen a slower rate of growth. Her spiritual retreats are for the few who wish to “fly like eagles on higher thermals, leaving the flocks of birds behind.” The belief that anything can be truly known is an illusion of the masses. Masters know that from our limited vantage point, nothing can be truly known. We live in the unknowable. Gravitating towards the known is like “a fish that swims around and around the confines of its bowl”.

Almine’s retreats vary in their ambient nature. Some are an outdoor experience, some are in cosmopolitan areas and for now, there are rare opportunities for retreats in her hallowed and beautiful home in Oregon, USA. Moreover, there are intensive men’s or women’s retreats on occasion that provide full immersal into the experience from dawn to the late evening. There are also presently opportunities for individual study or in small groups of no more than four.

Whatever the retreat of your choice, those who have had this indescribable experience are unanimous that it has been life-changing. Most who have experienced these powerful events and participated in their miracles, express the heartfelt opinion that there is nothing else remotely like it. There simply is no comparison.

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